Statewide Subacute Care Project

As part of the National Partnership Agreement on Improving Health Services in Tasmania (NPA) the State Minister for Health, and Federal Minister for Health, in 2016 signed a supporting schedule to the NPA: Improving the Management of Subacute and Acute Care.

The intent of the Schedule is to improve the quality of the Tasmanian health system 'through a program of work focused on taking a patient centred approach which reflects the patient journey across services' and to 'build on the reforms underway through One State, One Health System, Better Outcomes by extending the objective of a single health system to include settings outside of acute hospitals'.

The role of the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) is to lead the development and implementation of Subacute initiatives informed through strategic partnerships between the Agency, the Tasmanian Health Service and aged and community service providers.

The initial focus of activity will be in the areas of Rehabilitation and Geriatric Evaluation and Management.

In leading this body of work DHHS has established the Statewide Subacute Care Project.

Key contacts:

Jane Gaetani-Black, Project Manager - Ph: (03) 6777 4292 or email

Flora Dean, Project Officer - Ph: (03) 6777 4276 or email