Welcome to Ambulance Tasmania

Ambulance Tasmania

Welcome to Ambulance Tasmania

Secondary Triage

We're  improving how we respond to 000 calls with a new process called Secondary Triage


what3words allows callers to describe their exact location in an emergency, quickly and easily, with just three words!

Restart a Heart Day 16 Oct - Learn CPR

Help us save lives!

We're going to show you what to do if you witness a cardiac arrest (the person will be unconscious and not breathing normally).

Keep Your Hands Off Our Ambos!

While an ambo's primary role is to look after their patient, too often they also have to content with abusive, aggressive and sometime violent bystanders and family members whose challenging behaviours are fueled by anxiety, bravado or intoxication.

Our ambos can't fight for your mate's life if they are fighting for their own.

Become an emergency volunteer

Tasmania's emergency services are always on the look out for people like you to join, learn, be ready.

Are you ready to become one of us?

When someone suffers a cardiac arrest, each passing minute reduces the probability of survival by about 7%-10%, so early access to a defibrillator is critical.

Ambulance Tasmania's Early Access to Defibrillation Program is designed to take advantage of the many publically-accessible defibrillators across Tasmania. Anyone with a defibrillator can participate and you don't need to know CPR.

Vital Information for Interstate Travellers

Travel to Tasmania

If you are a visitor to Tasmania, or if you are a Tasmanian visiting another state, before you travel you should read the important information on ambulance fees and charges and determine whether you need travel insurance to avoid potentially significant out-of-pocket expenses for ambulance transport and other medical expenses.

Ambulance Tasmania provides emergency ambulance care and transport services and a non-emergency patient transport service through a network of 53 urban, rural and remote ambulance stations.

Ambulance Tasmania has a range of salaried staff from highly trained paramedics to ambulance officers and students in training as well as 600 volunteer ambulance officers. Collectively these officers work closely with public and private hospitals and health facilities providers, intrastate and interstate organisations.

Ambulance Tasmania also works closely with allied emergency services, such as Tasmania Police, State Emergency Service (SES) and Tasmania Fire Service (TFS).

Ambulance Tasmania provides both fixed and rotary wing air ambulance services within Tasmania and works closely with mainland ambulance services for interstate patient transfers.

Ambulance Tasmania provides a free service to Tasmanian residents within Tasmania and its islands. The only chargeable cases are those related to motor vehicle or workplace accidents where insurance arrangements cover costs and cases involving veterans where the Department of Veterans Affairs meets the cost of ambulance transport.


Call 000 for emergency assistance 

The 000 emergency telephone number connects with Ambulance Tasmania's 24-hour state operations centre for emergency ambulance response anywhere in Tasmania including the Bass Strait islands.

All other calls for treatment and transport can be made by phoning 1800 008 008.

  Requests for non-emergency patient transport can be made through 1300 513 997 during business hours or 1800 008 008 after-hours.
 More phone numbers

Save 000 for for saving lives ... only call an ambulance if it's a medical emergency