Graduate Paramedic Program

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Graduate Paramedic Program

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General Information

Ambulance Tasmania (AT) promotes and provides integrated high quality, emergency ambulance care, rescue and patient transport to the Tasmanian community. The role of AT is to provide pre-hospital patient care, specialised patient transport, medical transfers and public education. AT achieves this using salaried and volunteer staff as well as support from independent ambulance services.

Ambulance staff are frontline healthcare professionals. They are active members of the healthcare team, contributing to the preservation and restoration of health for the people of Tasmania. Paramedics provide efficient and effective medical care, which is timely, appropriate to the needs of the patient, of a high quality and equitably available.

AT employs around 400 operational paramedics around the state who perform shift work as AT provides 24 hour, seven days a week coverage.

The graduate paramedic vacancies are offered on a fixed term, full-time shift work for a period of 12 months for the purpose of completing a Graduate Program. The program starts with a three-week induction program.

During your employment you will be mentored on-road where reports are completed that map progress of independent practice. You will have to successfully complete clinical assessments during the program and undertake a driving assessment. You may be offered fixed term employment at any of the three regional locations within Tasmania (North West, North or South).

The graduate paramedic is expected to use their initiative to guide learning and development through the Transition to Practice program to complete training requirements within the prescribed timeframe with the support of mentors.

Applicants will be selected on knowledge, skills, qualifications, experience and potential for future development.

Applicants must demonstrate their physical and psychological capacity to manage the physical and emotional requirements of the role.

Selection is extremely competitive; therefore, applicants must demonstrate their ability to meet the selection criteria and sell their case comprehensively in their application indicating achievements and relevant experience.

Who are we looking for?

AT are looking for people who:

  • are motivated to achieve something meaningful through their work
  • enjoy varied and challenging opportunities
  • wish to help the community by being active members of a healthcare team and contribute to the preservation and restoration of health for the people of Tasmania.

Ambulance work demands patience, tolerance, kindness and an ability to manage stress. The work is often emotionally and physically demanding so paramedics must:

  • be of good health and fitness
  • be able to remain calm in emergency situations
  • be able to deal with a wide variety of people.

Applicants will need to communicate effectively in a variety of situations and environments and work as part of a team or in isolation depending on the circumstances.

Emergency healthcare is constantly changing, adapting and improving so it is vital graduate paramedics can attain and maintain a high level of clinical skills, and have a commitment to lifelong learning by undertaking study programs, training and continued education.

Are you eligible to apply for the Graduate Paramedic Program?

To be eligible for consideration for the AT Graduate Paramedic Program, applicants must meet the following pre-requisites:

1.       Hold a Bachelor of Paramedic Science.

2.       Physical fitness, medical suitability and psychological characteristics appropriate to the duties of a paramedic.

3.       Hold a current Driver’s Licence.

4.       You must be able to provide evidence (prior to the commencement of the position) that you have applied for Paramedic registration - either a registration number or evidence of application.

5.       Be legally eligible to work in Australia

6.       Conviction checks in the following areas:

  • a) Crimes of violence
  • b) Sex related offences
  • c) Serious drug offences
  • d) Crimes involving dishonesty
  • e) Serious traffic offences

7.         Identification check.

8.         Disciplinary action in previous employment check.

All prerequisites must be met; however, we will consider graduates who will formally complete their qualification at least two months prior to the commencement of the program. Please note, the conviction check will be undertaken by the Department of Health before your commencement. You are not required to obtain a conviction check before submitting your application. Further details on pre-employment checks are below.

It is the employee’s responsibility to ensure registration/licences remain current and to advise the employer if their circumstances change. This includes notifying the employer of any new criminal convictions and/or if a registration/licence is revoked, cancelled or has its conditions altered.

Statement of Duties

The Statement of Duties allows you to understand the role, responsibilities and duties of the graduate paramedic. It also outlines the essential requirements and pre-employment conditions, as well as the selection criteria required for the position.

Essential Requirements: Applicants must be able to meet all the essential requirements of the positions.

Pre-Employment Checks: Pre-employment checks are conducted prior to any offer of employment. Applicants shortlisted for interview will be required to give consent to the Department of Health to obtain a current copy of their criminal history check.

The Recruitment Process

Applying for Ambulance Tasmania Graduate Paramedic Program involves capability-based assessments designed to assess your suitability. These assessments build on your application and help us learn more about your motivations, general abilities and values. The recruitment process will involve the following:

  1. Application process:
    1. Initial application and written assessment
    2. Phone screen interview
    3. Suitability screening – behavioural (psychometric)
    4. Video Interview
  2. Fitness and functional capacity assessment (Workforce Health Assessors, WHA).
  3. Referee checks.
  4. Conviction, identity and discipline check.

How do I apply?

You will submit an online application through the Tasmanian Government Jobs Website at before application closing date. You will be asked six questions using the online application form and will need to upload:

  • Your resume
  • Your most recent academic results.

Once you have successfully submitted your application online, you will receive an automated email confirmation. We recommend you check any spam folders on your email account, in case the email is within this folder.

Online Application

The application process is online. Allow yourself plenty of time to complete the online application. You will be asked to provide information about your eligibility; personal details, tertiary education, a response to six-individual questions (150 words a question), upload a Resume and your academic transcript.

The application form is used to collect a broad range of information up-front; including your written answers, once you have submitted your application form you will be unable to edit or adjust your responses. Due to this, please take the time to consider your responses carefully and ensure you articulate yourself well.

At this stage, we are confirming your eligibility and ability to follow instructions.

Certified Academic Transcript

Your certified academic transcript must prove your eligibility for the Program. Your transcript must contain:

  • Your name
  • Qualification name
  • University logo or name.

An online course record that includes university insignia is acceptable. If you have not yet completed your degree, you can submit your most recent transcript, containing your name, qualification name, university logo, expected date of graduation. Your GPA will be reviewed with only those having a credit average or above progressing.

Phone Interview

This stage of the recruitment process is to undertake a series of assessments, beginning with a phone screen Interview. We will be using AI technology called ‘Curious Thing’, which allows you to undertake a phone interview with a voice-based AI interview via a simple phone call. Telephone numbers for the voice interview will be sent via email invitation, and it will be available to you to complete anytime over the days allocated. We are using AI technology to provide a fair opportunity for all applicants to shine, by reducing human biases. The AI interviewer is blind to factors such as accent, pitch, tone of voice, gender and age, all working to reduce bias in the selection process. Only the most competitive applicants will progress.

Suitability Screening

For the next stage, you will be asked to complete an online behavioural profile assessment, designed to provide us with additional information about the work environment and tasks you are likely to enjoy. The assessment is behavioural-based with no right or wrong answers, only your preferred response to each statement. You will need a reasonable internet connection and a quiet place free of interruptions or distractions, and can be completed on a smart phone, tablet or PC. You will receive further information, including an email invitation to complete, should you progress to this stage.

Video Interview

At this stage you will be invited to complete an online video response to several questions. The questions may be clinical or scenario-based in nature and are used to provide equity of opportunity in completing an interview. The questions are timed, and you will need to record your response on the video platform. The panel will be able to review the recorded answers you have submitted.

Applicants found suitable after this stage will be asked to attend a final interview with Ambulance Tasmania, either in person or via video link.

Referee Checks

You will be asked to nominate two referees who can comment on your work abilities within the initial application form. At least one of your referees must have been your professional placement supervisor during a clinical placement.

Your referees must be able to comment on your recent work experience and skills specifically relating to the selection criteria. Reference checks will be conducted online, once the form is started your referee has a two-hour timeframe to complete or the invitation and page will expire, please ensure you include your referees preferred contact email address with their contact details.

Fitness and Functional Capacity Assessment

AT staff must carry out a range of physically demanding tasks while performing patient care duties. These tasks often require a combination of physical fitness and functional attributes.

The assessment is designed to assess the physical and functional capacity to safely perform tasks specific to the ambulance role. The assessment includes height and weight measurements; skeletal examination; endocrine/metabolic examination; cardio vascular examination; blood pressure check; respiratory examination; central nervous system examination; alimentary examination; operations – types and reasons; eye, speech check and a final assessment that identifies your suitability or otherwise to work in the ambulance industry.

All applicants will be required to complete an online questionnaire prior to undertaking the fitness and functional capacity assessment, which includes an applicant declaration that all information is correct. Any delay in completing the assessment may impact on your ability to progress through the selection process and may lead to cessation of the application process.

The assessment will be at your cost (will vary depending on the assessment location where you undertake it). For further information about the cost please contact WHA on 1300 552 722, International +61 3 6242 2400

Offer of Employment

Applicants shortlisted will be ranked in order of merit.

The number and statewide location of graduate paramedics appointed will depend on operational needs at the time.

Notification of your nomination to a graduate paramedic vacancy will occur (by phone and in writing) only when the selection report has been signed and approved by all panel members and the Chief Executive of AT.

Workplace Diversity

AT is committed to promoting a positive workplace culture and has developed a Positive Workplace Strategy which includes a range of initiatives such as Promoting a Positive Workplace Culture – Joint Statement. The Health and Community Services Union and the Volunteer Ambulance Officers Association of Tasmania have joined AT in making this commitment.

Applications for 2021 Graduate Paramedic Program open in November 2020