Community Engagement

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The Screening Recruitment and Cancer Prevention Unit is responsible for the education of women and men in the community about the importance of regular screening, while at the same time allowing them to make informed decisions about health choices.

Their objectives are:

  • to increase participation in screening programs
  • to discuss the eligible age groups and symptom status for screening
  • to highlight the benefits of early detection, including treatment options
  • to acknowledge and reduce anxiety about cancer or test results
  • to inform people of their risk of developing common cancers
  • to reduce barriers
  • to organise effective health promotion programs
  • to inform the public and GPs of the benefits of regular screening for breast, cervical and bowel cancer
  • to encourage people to seek the advice of their GPs if they notice any symptoms
  • to produce written material in plain language and present it in a manner that is appropriate.

In addition cancer control policy - nationally and internationally - is monitored continually. Policy advice, support and recommendations to the DHHS on future directions in cancer control are provided by the service. Current topical issues include prostate cancer, skin cancer, and seamless cancer care co-ordination from early detection through to surgery, treatment and survivorship.

To book an education session for your workplace, community group or school or to order a Workplace Kit please phone (03) 6166 6910 or email