How to Apply

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How to apply

Applying for a job, especially your first job out of school, can be a daunting experience. Applying for government jobs can seem even more overwhelming as you negotiate application forms, writing to selection criteria and analysing position descriptions.

As with most jobs the key is to understand the role you are applying for and to show how your skills and attributes meet the requirements of the role. The following links will step you through the application process for roles within the Tasmanian State Service (TSS) (State Government) and assist you to write an application even if you have very little or no work experience.

Applying for a permanent job in the TSS can be broken in to a number of stages

Step 1 - Finding the job

Step 2 - Researching the job

Step 3 - Writing your application

Step 4 - Next steps

Step 5 - Interviews

Step 6 - Post Selection - where to next