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Rural Medical Generalist (RMG): An RMG is a medical practitioner who is trained, mentored and supported on a 'career superhighway' that leads to the acquisition of advanced clinical skills recognized by the Royal Australian College of General Practice or Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine.

The Rural Medical Generalist Pathway is an initiative that seeks to address medical workforce deficits in rural areas.  The concept refers to a fully supported incentive based career pathway for junior doctors wishing to pursue a vocational career in rural generalist medicine.  Rural generalist medicine is a separately recognised discipline where general practitioners have advanced skills training in specialties (i.e. Palliative Care, Psychiatry, Rehabilitation, Emergency Medicine, Obstetrics, Anaesthetics and Radiology) which allows them to work unsupervised in these clinical areas at regional, rural and remote locations.  Most if not all Australian jurisdictions have implemented or are implementing a RMG pathway.

RMGs typically work in hospitals using their specialist clinical skills and in the community as General Practitioners. The skills of the Rural Medical Generalist (RMG) are;

  • Providing unsupervised, un-referred community or primary care of individuals, families and communities.
  • Working unsupervised to provide in-patient and emergency care in a hospital or related setting such as a remote health centre, multipurpose health service.
  • Providing extended specialised service in at least one approved medical discipline that is required to sustain continuing and comprehensive healthcare services in regional, rural and remote communities.
  • Providing services across the continuum of care in a range of settings and service delivery models including outreach where required.
  • Applying a population health approach with relevance to the community in which they practice.

The Tasmanian Rural Health Pathway helps you develop the specialised skills you need to work in Rural and Remote Medical Practice.

Contracts of employment are offered annually by individual Tasmanian Health Organisations.

The Pathway offers:

  • A dedicated two year rotation (PGY2 and PGY3) in RMO terms with THS-North West. The rotation provides a broad range of supervised clinical experience appropriate to rural practice, and also meets the Core Clinical Training requirements of ACRRM and the RACGP.
  • Access to advanced skills training opportunities
  • General Practice Training with General Practice Training Tasmania
  • Opportunities to work as a rural generalist

Progress through the pathway is subject to standard requirements for a position of Resident Medical Officer with the Tasmanian Health Organisation – North West, and also acceptance into the Australian General Practice Training Program prior to commencement of general practice terms.

If you are interested in this Pathway please include a cover letter advising this, and choose the Pathway as a rotation preference. Please note that this will not inhibit your application being assessed for any other available Resident Medical Officer positions.

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