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Advanced Training in General and Acute Care Medicine - Royal Hobart

We have prepared this information sheet for trainees interested in applying for a position as Advanced Training Registrar in General and Acute Care Medicine at the Royal Hobart Hospital for 2022.  The Royal Hobart Hospital has a strong focus on General Medicine, and it is currently the largest inpatient subspecialty.

The Advanced Training program at the Royal Hobart Hospital has been developed for trainees to have access to subspecialties that meet all core training requirements including 12 months of core training in General Medicine and 12 months core subspecialty terms. We are accredited for 24 months core and 12 months of non-core training at our site.

We are seeking applicants who are passionate about pursuing General and Acute Care training. The Royal Hobart Hospital offers an excellent training with exposure to General Medicine and sub-specialties in a well-established program that includes 6-month terms in Respiratory Medicine, Nephrology, Stroke, Cardiology and Gastroenterology. All these units have accredited advanced training registrars in their discipline as well.

We like to work with each individual Advanced Trainee to customize their program to meet their personal training needs and interests.

The Royal Hobart Hospital is a tertiary hospital, offering a wide variety of medical and surgical subspecialties. The RHH has full diagnostic services available. There is provision of sub-specialty advice and support, and ICU support, as one would expect from a tertiary teaching hospital.

The Hospital is located in the city center, and a short walk from the docks. Tasmania is renowned for local seafood and produce, our food and coffee culture is firmly entrenched. Kunyanyi/Mount Wellington is a short distance away, and Tasmania’s wilderness is not to be missed.

Several positions are available commencing January 2022 for trainees entering Advanced Training or continuing training from other hospitals. We can provide 24 months of core training over a 2-year period and can consider a third year of training after that.  Trainees entering the program at year 1 or year 2 will be given the option of a 2-year contract. We have one additional part-time position (0.5FTE) that is also available commencing February 2021.

For successful applicants, the Royal Hobart Hospital General Medicine training program can offer the following:

  1. Core General and Acute Care Medicine (Senior Medical Registrar) - This position is for trainees in their final year of training or in their first post-fellowship year and is set up like a “junior consultant” role.  This role allows flexibility to the successful applicant with regard the year.  >60% of the trainee’s time will be with clinical service and the remainder in supporting the Head of Department, General Medicine and Directors of Physician training.
  2. Six months core training in an Acute General Medicine- 1 or 2 positions in acute General Medicine will be formally structured to provide exposure to inpatient, outpatient, teaching, and professional development sessions at a level required by the Advanced Training Committee (ATC).
  3. Six months core subspecialty training in Stroke medicine- There is an increasing need for General Physicians to have expertise in stroke medicine- both acute management and chronic disease management are key to this role.
  4. Six months core subspecialty training in Cardiology rotation (non-interventional) - The position will be a non-interventional role with a focus on acute chest pain management and chronic disease management skills within the heart failure and vascular disease patient populations. With exposure to CCU, this may be considered an acute term.
  5. Six months core subspecialty training in Nephrology rotation- gaining exposure across the spectrum of renal disease- acute, chronic disease management and end of life.
  6. Six months core subspecialty training in Respiratory medicine rotation- gaining exposure across the spectrum of respiratory disease.
  7. Six months core subspecialty training in Gastroenterology rotation – The Department has an accredited registrar position, and the General Medicine trainee allocated to this term will be working in that training environment.
  8. Six months core training in additional roles- trainees have a choice to take a supernumerary role in one of the RHH sub-specialties, which can be negotiated on an individual basis in order to meet specific training needs.  Trainees undertaking dual training will not be eligible to utilize this position to work in their chosen sub-specialty.

Successful applicants will be encouraged and supported to attend at least one clinical meeting/conference during your training year.  Options include the RACP Annual Congress, Internal Medicine Society of Australia and New Zealand (IMSANZ) events in March or Sept/October. Reimbursement for of these activities will be available with access to a funds to support professional development, and travelling expenses, access to IT hardware, e-journal subscriptions etc.

For trainees relocating to Tasmania to participate in this training program, rental assistance for a period (up to a predetermined amount), and relocation costs to a predetermined amount may be reimbursed. Please contact Dr Natalie Martin for specific information and to discuss this further.

Applicants who have not been successful in obtaining a position in another (preferred) AT program will be considered providing the application is received prior to the closing date.  Late applications will only be accepted should positions not be filled after the first round of the selection process.

How to apply:

Please apply online AND send your CV & Cover letter directly to Dr Natalie Martin – Natalie.Martin1@ths.tas.gov.au

Please include a cover letter that outlines your training goals and how you would ideally like your 2020 training year structured, what previous advanced training you have completed, and information to support your application to the Royal Hobart Hospital training program.

Further information regarding these positions can be obtained by contacting:

Dr Natalie Martin
Coordinator of Advanced Training Program in General and Acute Care
Medicine, Royal Hobart Hospital
Phone: (03) 6166 7190
Email: Natalie.Martin1@ths.tas.gov.au