Transition to Practice - Tasmanian Health Service - Southern Region

Tasmanian Health Service – Southern Region offer Nurse Transition to Practice Placements across the south of Tasmania which incorporates the Royal Hobart Hospital; Tasmania's largest hospital and its major referral centre.  As the major clinical teaching and research centre, the Royal Hobart Hospital and services incorporated in THS – Southern Region works closely with the University of Tasmania and other health related institutions.

Nurse Transition to Practice

The transition to practice phase encompasses the first year of practice as a newly qualified nurse.  Completing a transition to practice placement enables consolidation of knowledge and mastering of clinical skills in a supported working environment.  We offer the following supported framework during the Transition to Practice period:

  • A comprehensive Transition to Practice agency induction and orientation period
  • Specific orientation period on each individual clinical area/site – length of time is dependent upon the clinical area/s
  • Dedicated clinical support via a team of Clinical Preceptors and unit-based Clinical Nurse Educators.  Overarching support is provided by dedicated CNE's – Transition to Practice
  • Participation in Transition to Practice specific activities and unit-specific professional development opportunities
  • Professional Portfolio Development

Transition to Practice Nursing Positions are offered across a wide variety of areas in the south integrating acute, complex, chronic, community, mental health, forensic health and alcohol and drug nursing opportunities.

Tasmanian Health Service – Southern Region offers placement options of up to 12 months.

Positions within the Acute, Sub- Acute, Complex, Community and Mental Health divisions are offered for up to 12 months and are predominantly fully rotational shift work with some day work positions offered to areas that operate Monday – Friday within day work hours.

RN TtP Recruitment

Please monitor this site regularly for further information regarding TtP recruitment for THS South.

Application Process

The application for Transition to Practice Nursing positions is made through the electronic portal on the jobs website at: THS – Southern Region positions are advertised on an annual basis for commencement in April each year.

For more information please contact the following:

THS-Southern Region Acute Positions and Complex, Chronic and Community Service - contact the Clinical Nurse Educator - Transition to Practice to Anita Booker, email or phone 03 6166 8294

Mental Health Services, Forensic Health Services, and Alcohol and Drug Services - contact the Clinical Nurse Educator, by email to or phone: 03 6166 6848