Statewide Services

Statewide Services

Diverse Statewide locations

Our Statewide services encompass a wide range of careers across a great variety of professions and locations throughout the state.  Most of our Mental Health Services is provided through the Tasmanian Health Service. We also provide children and youth services, disability, housing and community services, ambulance, cancer screening and control, orthotic and prosthetic, and oral health services around the state. We recruit to other varied employment opportunities which include administration, policy, management, client service, finance, and IT.

Mental Health Services

We have a myriad of opportunities in a diverse range of settings throughout Tasmania, including community, inpatient and extended care – across the lifespan and in both urban and rural environments. We have careers in Psychiatry, Clinical Psychology, Nursing, Occupational Therapy, Social Work and Administration (more)

The majority of our services are provided through our Tasmanian Health Service - Northern, North West and Southern Regions

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Forensic Health and Correctional Primary Health Services
Alcohol and Drug Service
Registrar Recruitment
Registered Nurse Transition to Practice

Children and Youth Services

We provide a diverse range of opportunities which can be rewarding, challenging and make a positive difference to the lives of children, youth and families.We offer employment in Child Safety, Youth Justice, the Child and Health Parenting Service, out of home care and family violence counselling and support. Contact us to find out more.

Disabilty, Housing and Community Services

There is currently a lot of change occuring in these sectors. Contact us to find out more about our career opportunities.

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