Ambulance Officers

Ambulance Tasmania

Ambulance Officers

Ambulance Tasmania provides integrated high quality emergency medical care and non-emergency patient transport to the Tasmanian Community.

The roles of our Service are to provide pre-hospital care; specialised patient transport; medical transfers; and public education. We achieve this through a system of permanent officers, volunteer officers and the support of independent services.

Volunteer Ambulance Officer

Ambulance volunteers are the very heart of our communities. If it wasn't for around 600 volunteers, ambulance services in Tasmania would be drastically reduced, particularly in rural areas.

We utilise the services of Volunteer Ambulance Officers at all of our rural and outer urban stations.

We are looking for people who:

  • enjoy varied and challenging opportunities
  • wish to assist the community by being active members of the health care team and contribute to the preservation and restoration of health for the people of Tasmania.

Full training is provided to ensure you have the required skills to assist the permanent Branch Station Officer or provide a first response in an emergency situation.

Volunteer ambulance work demands patience, tolerance, kindness and an ability to handle stress. The work is often emotionally and physically demanding and you must be of good health and fitness and possess an ability to remain calm in emergency situations and be able to deal with a wide variety of people. You need to be able to communicate effectively in all situations and environments and be able to work as a team member.

Because emergency health care is constantly changing and improving, training and continuing education is important. Volunteer Ambulance Officers continually learn new skills and gain greater knowledge. Working for the Ambulance Service is a unique, versatile and rewarding career.

If you would like to make a very real contribution to your community, and gain valuable skills that will stay with you for life, apply today.

For more information about becoming a Volunteer Ambulance Officer, please visit the volunteer ambulance site, call 1300 303 196 or contact the Manager of your nearest regional office.

Northern Tasmania: 6777 1450

Southern Tasmania: 6166 1923

North West Tasmania: 6477 7336

or email us.