Leave Entitlements

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Leave Entitlements


The Department of Health and Human Services recognises the importance of providing a flexible workplace. Leave entitlements and options are intended to help eligible employees to balance their work and personal life.

The following leave entitlements may be offered. They may vary depending on the Award you are employed under :









Recreation Leave
Employees other than those paid an allowance in lieu of paid annual leave, personal leave and holidays with pay are entitled to four weeks paid recreation leave per leave year for full- time staff and pro-rata for part-time staff. For employees working regular shift work that incorporates Saturday and Sunday Shifts, an additional week of leave is credited to their leave entitlements (pro-rata for part time staff) and a day added to their annual leave entitlement may also be added as a public holiday falls due.

Sick Leave
Employees other those paid an allowance in lieu of paid annual leave, personal leave and holidays with pay are entitled to four weeks paid sick leave per leave year. Up to five days of this entitlement may be used without the need to present a medical certificate (award conditions apply).

Long Service Leave
DHHS recognises the importance of taking leave for recreational purposes, as well as for balancing work & family life effectively. Long Service Leave is an entitlement available to employees after ten years continuous service accumulated at 6.5 working days per year for full-time employees and pro-rata for part-time employees. Where you have been employed by a Commonwealth, State or Territory government within Australia and commence within 90 days with DHHS, your prior service will be recognised for Long Service Leave purposes.

Maternity (Parental) Leave
Maternity leave is an entitlement available to female employees who have worked in the state service for at least 12 months and are entitled to paid sick leave as a condition of their employment. This entitlement includes 12 weeks of paid maternity leave at their normal rate of pay and a combination of Long Service, Recreation Leave and Leave without Pay.

Paternity Leave
Paternity Leave is an entitlement currently available to employees. If your partner is expecting a baby then you may be entitled to up to a total of 52 weeks unpaid leave. Your entitlement may vary according to occupation so you should seek further information.

State Service Accumulated Leave Scheme
The State Service Accumulated Leave Scheme (SSALS) allows the employer to approve plans under which participating employees will, by taking a reduction in normal salary for a given period, become entitled at the end of that period to a pre-determined amount of accumulated leave during which the will be paid at the same reduced rate.