Disability Services Strategic Plan

The Disability Services Strategic Plan 2019 – 2021 sets the agenda for action at a time of significant change and reform in the specialist disability services area.

Disability Services play a central role in helping the Tasmanian Government to achieve its vision for "a fully inclusive and participatory society in which people with disability are valued and respected as equal and contributing members of the community".

The Strategic Plan supports the Tasmanian Government's Accessible Island: Tasmania's Disability Framework for Action 2018-2021 and achievement of our commitments as part of the National Disability Strategy.

The goals and actions in the Strategic Plan are intentionally high level and aspirational. The detail of how these will be achieved will be found in the Disability Services Operational Plan which is in development and will be available via this web site.

Development of The Strategic Plan is a requirement of the Disability Services Act (2011). It was developed after extensive public consultation and has been approved by the Minister.