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Tasmanian Elder Abuse Helpline

The Tasmanian Elder Abuse Helpline is a service operated on behalf of the Tasmanian Government by Advocacy Tasmania Inc.

The Helpline provides callers with information, advice and referral on actions they can take to prevent and respond to elder abuse in its many guises; emotional, physical, financial, social, sexual, and neglect. Its role is to assist older people, families, service providers and the wider community to better access existing supports and services. Most people are unsure who to call regarding suspected elder abuse. The Helpline provides a central point of contact by telephoning 1800 441 169 or by visiting the website at http://www.advocacytasmania.org.au/elderabusehelpline.htm

Protecting Older Tasmanians from Abuse

Abuse of older Tasmanians is a violation of their human rights and a rejection of the fundamental respect that older people deserve.

Older Tasmanians deserve dignity and to feel secure and safe. Tragically, many older Tasmanians currently experience some form of abuse by people whom they trust with their care and wellbeing.

The Tasmanian Government is targeting this problem by engaging the community in a whole-of-government elder abuse prevention response.

The primary goal of Protecting Older Tasmanians from Abuse is the prevention of elder abuse. This can only be achieved by encouraging all Tasmanians to be aware of this problem and to actively assist and support older people.

Ending elder abuse is a community responsibility that demands all sectors of society actively address its causes and reduce its harmful effects.

An Elder Abuse Prevention Project Management team is working in consultation with relevant government agencies and community stakeholders to ensure that the Government's response to elder abuse meets the needs of older people.

What is Elder Abuse?

Abuse of older people (or elder abuse) is a single or repeated act occurring within a relationship where there is an implication of trust, which causes harm to an older person.

Abuse of older people is typically carried out by someone close to them with whom they have a trusting relationship. The trusting relationship can be between the abused and partners, children, in-laws, grandchildren, carers, neighbours and friends, nurses, social workers and home help and be formal or informal, voluntary or imposed.

Abuse of older people can include physical, psychological/emotional, financial, sexual and social abuse as well as intentional or unintentional neglect.

Key Activities

The core principles that lie at the heart of Protecting Older Tasmanians from Abuse are awareness, empowerment, action and support.

A number of proposed activities will support each theme.

For further information view Protecting Older Tasmanians from Abuse

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