TasEquip Visual Identity

The service model for TasEquip aims to ensure that Tasmania has an accessible, equitable, sustainable and efficient service delivery platform that will enable individuals who require equipment and assistive technology to enable them to live safely at home and participate in the community with the items they need.

Summary of Key Principles

  • The provision of equipment and assistive technology will be person centred, outcome focussed and supports individuals, families and carers.
  • The program will be responsive to and align with the broader policy framework.
  • The program will respond timeously to people with changing needs such as children and young people and people with deteriorating conditions or changing principle needs.
  • The program will be equitable and resources are prioritised to those most in need.
  • The program will support access to alternate programs where such support is available.
  • Compensable clients including those in Residential Aged Care Facilities are not eligible for subsidised items but can obtain items at full cost recovery.
  • The program will be accessible regardless of location.
  • The program will be administered efficiently and in a sustainable manner.
  • The program will be effectively governed and performance measured against quality indicators.
  • The program will be responsive to changing demographic needs.
  • The program will meet the Government’s community service obligations where no alternative supply option exists.