Recent and current media campaigns

Gambling Support Program (GSP) uses multi-media advertising campaigns to deliver information and build understanding within the Tasmanian community around gambling issues. Campaigns include prevention messages, such as how the house edge in commercial gambling ensures losses to the player over time, and intervention information such as what the signs of problem gambling are, and where to go for help when a gambling problem is present.

Family and Friends

For every person with a gambling problem, five to ten other people are affected. This campaign provides information to those people affected about how to look after themselves, their families and their finances. 



Know Your Odds

This campaign provides information how commercial games of chance work – the house edge, the odds of winning a prize – and debunks some of the myths and misunderstandings about gambling that can lead players to betting more than they can afford to lose.

TV advertisements and other information from the campaign can be found at

Would You bet Regulary if You Knew You Couldn't Win?The Longer You Play the More You Lose



This campaign places Gamblers Help advertisements and other information in gaming venues, as part of the Mandatory Code of Gambling in Tasmania.

OODS R 0 Credits AdvertOODS R Need Help with Someone Close to You?

Gambling information brochures

The current range of ODDSR brochures displayed in gaming venues can be accessed here.


Gamblers Help advertising.

The GSP actively promotes Gamblers Help through state-wide and local advertising, in newspapers, online, TV and radio, and in outdoor locations.

Gambling Advert on the rear of a bus