National Research

Interactive Gambling

Published by Gambling Research Australia in 2014, this interactive gambling research reports on who, what, when and how people are gambling using interactive technology in Australia.

Productivity Commission Report into Australia's Gambling Industries

Following The Productivity Commission's milestone 1999 report into gambling, this new 2010 report is extremely comprehensive.  It contains considerable detail on Tasmanian gambling. The report, including a summary of key findings and recommendations can be accessed from the Commission's internet site

Gambling Research Australia Website and Clearinghouse

For a listing of listing of over 1500 gambling research publication titles and their origins - searchable via topic, title, author or category visit For example, see the 2007 report:

Identifying Problem Gambling in Gambling Venues. Empirical research and literature review examining the visible indicators of problem gamblers within venues.

The following sites offer online reports, links, research and publications.

Latrobe University's Problem Gambling Research Program
University of Sydney, Gambling Research Unit, School of Psychology
Gambling Research Panel, Government of Victoria
Queensland Treasury, Queensland Government, responsible gambling research publications