General Practice, Primary Care and Health Service Collaboration

General Practice and Primary Care aims to improve communication and collaboration across the interface between DHHS and General Practitioners.

This site has been developed to provide access to information required by General Practitioners who work within DHHS Tasmanian rural facilities.

It details requirements pertaining to the Credentialling and Clinical Privileges process and provides you with information and links relevant to working in general practice within Tasmania.

Community Rapid Response Service

The State Government has launched a new Community Rapid Response Service

This is part of the Government’s commitment to improving how it delivers health to ensure better results for all Tasmanians.

The Community Rapid Response Service is providing quality care in the community for people with chronic and complex illnesses and help to keep them out of hospital.

Read more about the Community Rapid Response Service.

Social Determinants of Health Video

A short video presentation which explains how health is more than just a conversation about doctors, nurses and hospitals.  It examines the role that social and economical factors play and how as a community we can work together to meet future challenges.  See the video Let's have a Conversation About Health - Video Presentation

A Greater Focus on Primary Care

Primary health care reforms aim to shift the centre of gravity from hospitals towards primary health care.

Part of this reform has been the establishment of the Medicare Locals which aims to drive improvements in primary health care and ensure that primary health care services are better tailored to meet the needs of local communities.

Medicare Locals are required to be locally responsive and be able to demonstrate how they will connect to local communities and respond to local health needs. For further information, please view Australian Medicare Locals information.

Collaboration to improve the health of Tasmanians, DHHS, THO Governing Councils and Tasmania Medicare Local Board have recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding that will guide collaboration towards improving the health of Tasmanians. With all parties jointly committed to working together, this MoU stands to provide a mechanism to facilitate this working relationship and will be reviewed in two years.

National Primary Health Care Strategy

Two women in business meeting, Hobart The Australian Government released a National Primary Health Care Strategy in April 2013 that promotes a new and nationally consistent approach to improving the health outcomes for Australians.  The Strategy focuses on four key elements, building health care system integration, improving access and reducing inequity, address the social determinants of health and improving quality, safety, performance and accountability.

GP and Primary Care's staff are actively committed and focussed to work towards the partnerships, consultations and actions to progress the DHHS strategic goals by convening, taking the lead and or participating in:

General Practice Liaison Officers (GPLO)

All regions of the state have appointed GPLOs who are experienced GPs and are tasked with improving communication between the acute/subacute services and the community.  The aim of the service is to smooth the patient's journey across the various sectors of healthcare.  To find more access: