How healthy is your workplace?

Healthy Workplaces are good for business

Most people spend a lot of time at work. Because of this, what we do at work has a big influence on how healthy we are. The World Health Organization has recognised the workplace as one of the most important settings for health promotion.

If employees are fit, healthy and happy, it's good for them, their families and their colleagues. It's also good for business.

To help you get an idea of how healthy your workplace is, sign up to the Good Health Good Business Employee Health and Wellbeing Survey!

The survey has two purposes:

  1. The survey can be used by workplaces to assess the overall health and wellbeing of their workforce and identify priority areas for health and wellbeing programs.
  2. The survey provides individuals with important, confidential feedback about their personal health and wellbeing.

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Start a workplace health and wellbeing program

Developing and putting in place workplace health and wellbeing programs can help improve the health of your workforce. And remember - the health of your business depends on the health of your workforce.

Free support is available for small and medium-sized businesses in Tasmania that are seeking to put in place workplace health and wellbeing programs. Contact the WorkCover Health and Wellbeing Advisory Service on 1300 776 572 or request a visit.

More information

For more information or to provide feedback about the Health and Wellbeing Survey or setting up a health and wellbeing program in your workplace, please contact Population Health and Wellbeing by email to or phone 03 6222 7631.

Find out more about our Healthy Workplaces program.