Giving children a healthy start sets them up for life!  Here you will find key information about eating and physical activity for raising healthy Tasmanian kids.

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Healthy Kids Resources

Start Them Right- A parent's guide to eating for under 5s
An easy read guide on how and what to feed your child from birth to five years.

The Being Active Matters booklet
Parent's guide to movement in the early years with practical and fun activity ideas.

Health on the Shelf
A selection of story books for children from the LINC about food, culture and living well which you can borrow for free.

Healthy Kids Partners

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Latest News

  • Move and play every day in early years 14 Feb 2018

    The new 24 Hour Movement Guidelines are a guide for parents and carers to create healthy and safe daily routines for children under five, to support growth and development.

    We know the right mix of physical activity, enough sleep and less time sitting (particularly in front of screens) is good for learning, thinking, the growth of strong bones and muscles, and has many other health benefits. Read more about movement and play in the early years

  • Social media and body dissatisfaction – Six actions to protect yourself and your family 14 Feb 2018

    The modern world is full of people who are at war with their bodies. One in three young people are very or extremely concerned about body image. Even more troubling is that a third of three year old's would like a different body shape. Read more about social media and body dissatisfaction

  • Give the gift of enjoying food this season 14 Feb 2018

    The festive season is filled with family, fun and food – yay, you say! But, as a parent, you’re not alone if all the party food on offer this time of year makes you feel just a little uneasy. Here are three tips to help your family have a positive relationship with food and eating over this holiday season. Read more about the joy of eating

  • Book time to read 14 Feb 2018

    Creating quiet places to sit and read helps learning and a love of books. It can be as simple as a large cushion in a corner and some library books or you can find spots to share books together in your local library, too.

    Give your child a great start by talking, singing, playing and sharing simple books together.

    Make this time enjoyable and don’t worry if your reading is not the best. Read more about reading to children

  • Food pouches - are they the way to go? 14 Feb 2018

    Increasingly, we are seeing baby and kids foods in squeezable plastic bags – and food companies assure us they’re a fun, easy way to get nutritious food into even the fussiest eaters. They are convenient when times are busy.

    But all food pouches store-bought or home filled, while less messy, can limit learning and developmental opportunities for babies. Read more about food pouches