Program of Works

Launceston General Hospital



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  • The Department of Emergency Medicine (DEM) will increase in floor area from about 800m2 to about 2000m2. Patient treatment space will increase from 20 to 43, an increase of 23 treatment bays. Ambulance access will be transformed from a load and drop-off/drive through system for additional vehicle spaces for up to eight ambulance and emergency vehicles, with access from Charles Street.
  • The new Acute Medical Unit (AMU) will have 28 additional new beds, including a four bed High Dependency Area. This will significantly relieve the pressure on DEM and provide a high quality service to acute medical patients. The AMU is part of an innovative plan to improve patient flow in the LGH.
  • The creation of a new Ambulatory Care Unit will provide for endoscopy day procedural and infusion services.
  • Expansion of Levels 4&5 above DEM will increase floor area on the two levels by about 1000m2 each, a total of 2000m2 additional floor space. The Level 5 expansion will include redevelopment of main operating theatre and recovery areas, increasing from a floor space of about 1400ms to 2400m2.
  • During the various upgrades the opportunity will be taken to upgrade the LGH building to comply with contemporary standards of Fire Safety and Infection Control, as parts of the main LGH building are almost 30 years old and built at a time when standards were different.

  • LGH network infrastructure will be improved to provide a Modern Wireless Environment and Innovative Information Technology System. The DEM, LICC, AMU and Renal Satellite Unit will have access to a digital environment, including an electronic medical record, electronic referrals and discharge summary and intuitive clinical decision support to enhance patient care and underpin an integrated service model. An eHealth Plan has been developed and clinical stakeholders are being engaged in the selection and planning of these systems. 

  • Ward, Allied Health and Support Services Upgrades will start with a new neonatal intensive care unit and ward refurbishment.

  • The Launceston Health Precinct Car Park will increase available car parking spaces from 467 to 872, an additional 405 additional car parking spaces.

  • The new Launceston Integrated Care Centre (LICC) will have a combined area of about 4000m2 and will provide a new model of integrated care services for the community. These integrated services will include health promotion and group programs, allied health services, community based integrated specialist clinics and teaching facilities for health care professionals funded and planned by the University of Tasmania.

  • A new Renal Satellite Unit at the Launceston Community Health Centre at Kings Meadows will provide floor space of 400m2 and have the potential for 16 renal dialysis stations. The present floor space for the Renal Unit at the LGH of 303m2 will be used for inpatient renal services.

  • A third Linear Accelerator and expansion of Radiation Oncology Services will enable the Holman Clinic to increase the number of patients treated from 90 a day to 123 a day, an increase in treatment rate of 33 patients a day.

There are many reasons driving the redevelopment but at the heart of our service are our patients and our ultimate aim in assessing and changing how we care for patients is to improve their health and wellbeing outcomes.

Image of billboard detailing capital works program