Library Services (for DHHS Staff)


All THS and DHHS employees are eligible to be library members. Contact or visit the library closest to your workplace.
DHHS has three libraries. Go to Library Contacts for opening hours, address details and library registration forms.
After Hours Access is available at Ramsay and Buttfield Libraries. Contact these libraries for further information.

What can I borrow?

You can borrow books and videos. Items can be renewed if they are not on hold for other borrowers. Renewals can be done in person, by phone or by email.

What computer facilities are available?

All the libraries have computers with MSOffice and internet programs for DHHS staff use. Scanning facilities are available at some libraries.

What databases are available?

Electronic Portal for Online Clinical Health (EPOCH) - for access to textbooks, journals, databases and drug information including: MIMS; Micromedex; Therapeutic Guidelines; Medline; CINAHL; PsychInfo; SocIndex; UptoDate (only available within the DHHS Network); Harrisons; Cochrane; TRIP; Joanna Briggs and more

Can I receive the electronic table of contents (eTOCs) for my favourite journals?

DHHS libraries have a large number of journal titles in print format and online. Visit EPOCH to check out journals in your area of practice
We provide a Current Awareness Service that arranges for new information to be delivered to your email.
To receive the electronic table of contents (eTOCs) for your favourite journals fill out the Electronic Table of Contents (eTOCs) form below and tick the journals you wish to receive and return the form to your library

What if DHHS libraries do not have the item that I want?

As part of our document delivery service, library staff are able to request books, dvds and journal articles from libraries across Australia.
To request a document, use the Document Delivery request form

Can I access the libraries’ book catalogues?

Yes, click on this link to access the libraries catalogues (for THS and DHHS Staff)

Is there any library orientation or training available?

Yes, library staff are happy to assist clients to access their resources. Library orientation and database training can be organised by contacting your nearest library

Library Forms