Library Services


Library Services

A statewide specialist information service to support:

  • the clinical/health practice, quality improvement and research activities, and professional learning of Department staff; and
  • the Department’s administrative functions advancing quality of care, and the health and wellbeing of Tasmanians.

EPOCH gives health practitioners, ancillary staff and students working in, or for, the Tasmanian public health service, online access to a range of high-quality health information resources and the clinical evidence-base to support decision-making, service planning, education and research.

Resources include medicines information, point-of-care tools, clinical guidelines and standards, electronic journals and textbooks, and research databases.

Who uses Library Services and EPOCH?

Staff, both permanent and temporary, with these valid email addresses are supported by Library Services and have access to the complete suite of EPOCH resources:


Visiting clinicians and students completing clinical placements in the Department are eligible for temporary access to some EPOCH resources.

How do staff access EPOCH?

EPOCH is available at work and offsite at and opens from all Department workstation desktops. Using EPOCH offsite requires registration with a valid Department work email address. Go to EPOCH on a Department workstation to complete registration. If you are offsite, contact your closest Library for help with registration.

Visiting clinicians and students on clinical placements requiring EPOCH access must contact the closest Library for a temporary username and password.

Read the EPOCH Basic Guide

What kind of support does Library Services provide?

Use Library Services if you:

  • Need to locate journal articles, book chapters or books
  • Have a patient care question and looking for best evidence
  • Need tech support installing clinical resources on your mobile device
  • Undertake a quality improvement or research project
  • Review your health service or program
  • Write a policy or guideline
  • Want to learn how to search EPOCH and its resources effectively
  • Undertake a literature search or review e.g. rapid, scoping or systematic
  • Want to stay up-to-date with the published literature in your specialty

Contact your closest Library to consult with a Librarian about your information requirements.

Where is Library Services?

We are a statewide service across four locations. Wingfield Library and the RHH Library Kiosk support the Southern and South-Eastern regions, Sir John Ramsay Library supports the North & North-Eastern regions and Dr Richard Buttfield Library supports the North-West and Western regions.

Contact or visit the Library closest to your workplace. Go to Library Contacts for contact/address details and business hours.

Are there clinical resources staff can use on their smartphone or tablet?

Yes, the Department subscribes to several mobile clinical apps that staff can install on their devices and use onsite, offsite and offline. These include:

  • Therapeutic Guidelines' eTG complete
  • MIMS
  • UpToDate
  • ClinicalKey

Read about Mobile Apps for Staff

Does Library Services help staff returning to study?

Department staff undertaking tertiary study are supported by both their educational institution and the Department’s Library Services. Go to your university’s library homepage to learn about their services and support for your study.

For University of Tasmania students, contact a Learning & Research Librarian to find out more.

For your professional learning, the Department’s Library Services:

  • supplies journal articles, book chapters and books on request; and
  • provides instruction and training using EPOCH databases e.g. CINAHL, Cochrane, PubMed, Emcare