Public Hospitals in Tasmania

Tasmania has four major public hospitals operated by the state government. They are:

Tertiary services are provided in limited locations and include cardiac surgery, neurosurgery, vascular surgery, hepatic (liver) surgery, neo natal intensive care, specialised paediatric surgery and a severe burns unit. Secondary hospital services such as general medicine and surgery, orthopaedics, obstetrics and gynaecology, and paediatric services are more widely available state-wide.

Some hospital services are bought from the private sector. Major contracted services include maternity services (North West Private Hospital), ophthalmology (Tasmanian Eye Clinic, Launceston Eye Clinic and North West Private Hospital). Diagnostic pathology and imaging services are also purchased by the North West Regional Hospital, as are nuclear medicine services at the Launceston General Hospital. The Royal Hobart Hospital and the Hobart Private Hospital have a partnership for some patient care and support services.


The major public teaching hospitals and the private hospitals with whom the Department has contracts are accredited by the Australian Council on Health Care Standards. They meet, and in may cases exceed, the national standards by which modern hospitals are judged, meaning that patients can expect to receive the best possible care.

Teaching and Research

Clinical teaching and research are an essential part of the services provided. Teaching undertaken by Tasmanian hospitals is one way of ensuring that health professionals are appropriately trained and skilled, while clinical research activities contribute to improved treatment of patients. Patients may be asked whether they wish to participate in this teaching process by being observed by training health professionals or by being treated by them. Being part of this process is voluntary for patients.

How services are delivered

The hospitals' services may be grouped into the following categories:

  • Admitted patientsA person may be admitted to hospital for one day, overnight or stay a number of nights. Examples of different types of care provided to admitted patients include:
    • Same day surgery;
    • Same day medical procedures; and
    • Inpatients, who stay overnight in hospital and/or longer.
  • Services provided by Departments of Emergency Medicine (DEM)Injuries, illnesses or health problems that suddenly affects a person's well-being and may be too serious to be dealt with by a General Practitioner are provided by DEMs.
  • Outpatient services
    A person referred and receiving treatment in an outpatient clinic is not admitted to hospital. Instead, referred outpatients visit the hospital to attend an appointment in a particular outpatient clinic.

Schedule of Fees

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