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Note: For all referral guidelines and outpatient clinic information please go to THS Outpatient Clinics Website.

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Absolute Cardiac Risk Calculator

ACAT process for south

Advanced Care Directives

Antenatal referrals

ASHM Website links:

Asplenic and hyposplenic patients: guidelines and vaccination access

Australian Atlas on Healthcare Variation

Bereavement Care in Tasmania

Blood Safe Learning

Cancer care co-ordinators

Cancer Council Support Services referral form

Cancer Survivorship Needs Assessment and Care Plans

Childhood cancers (Red flags)

Chlamydia screening

Codeine Rescheduling

Communicable diseases prevention

Community Nursing

Community Physiotherapy Referrals

Comprehensive osteoarthritis pathway (COAP)

Concussion in sport

Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine Unit

Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine Unit: Wound Healing

DORA Drugs and Poisons Information System Online Remote Access


Gastroenterology algorithms

General contact details for THS - South

Genetic and Rare Disease Network

Goals of Care

Good medical practice: a code of conduct for doctors in Australia

GP Liaison Brochures - Acute / Primary Health

HEART (Heart Education Assessment Rehabilitation Tool kit)

Health Pathways

Healthy Smiles for Two

Hepatitis C referral pathway

Housing Connect

Late Effects Clinic

Managing your pain at home consumer brochure

Medical clinics

Medical Goals of Care

Men’s Resources Tasmania

Mental Health

Mental Health Services brochures and publications

NPS Medicine Wise

Nurse Practitioner Chronic Wound clinics

Paediatric clinics

Palliative Care Service

Patient Travel Assistance Scheme (PTAS)

PEPA - Program of Experience in the Palliative Approach

Podiatry referrals

Red Flags - Paediatric Cancer

RHH Heads of Department

RHH Maternity Information

Sexual Health clinics

Sexually Transmitted Infections - Clinical Hints

Surgical clinics

Uninsured midwifery costs

When to Report a Death to the Coroner

Women's clinics


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