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Apply for Housing

To apply for housing assistance you need to contact Housing Connect at one of their offices or by phone.

They will usually make an appointment with you to assess your housing and support needs.

They do one assessment that can assist you with a range of services from emergency accommodation to a long-term home. You may need to bring documents with you to help with your assessment.

If you have immediate housing needs, you could be assisted with emergency accommodation or private rental assistance.

If you have longer term housing needs and you are eligible, you could be placed on the Housing Register. You can apply for public, community and Aboriginal housing.

You may also apply for supported accommodation if this matches your housing needs.

Am I Eligible for Social Housing?

The general eligibility criteria for social housing are you must:

  • be a Tasmanian resident
  • be an Australian citizen or permanent resident
  • be 16 years or older
  • be a low income earner eligible for a Commonwealth Health Care Card
  • not have financial assets exceeding $35 000 per household and
  • not own land or a home of your own.

To continue to live in social housing you must continue to meet eligibility criteria to remain eligible for housing assistance.

Discretion can be applied in special circumstances for example if you escaping from family violence.

How Do I Apply for Aboriginal Housing?

Applications for Aboriginal Housing are made through Housing Connect.

You or a household member must meet eligibility criteria for social housing and be eligible for Tasmanian Government Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander programs and services.

Allocations to Aboriginal Housing properties managed by Housing Tasmania are undertaken by the Aboriginal Tenancy Advisory Panel (ATAP) in the relevant area.

You may also apply for public housing or community housing.

How Long Do I Have to Wait for a House?

The Housing Assessment Prioritisation System (HAPS) will be used to assess your level of housing need.

You will be assessed as either having a General or Priority housing need, recognising that people have different needs and some are more urgent than others.

The time you wait for a house depends on your level of need, the areas you have chosen to live in and the houses that become available in those areas.

What if My Application is Suspended?

Your application on the Housing Register may be suspended if you have an outstanding debt with Housing Tasmania, you have not provided all updated information about your application or you have not accepted a suitable property that has been offered. Applicants may also be suspended if they are in hospital or in prison.

How Do I Apply for a Transfer?

Existing tenants within public, Aboriginal or community housing may apply to move to another house (transfer).

Whilst Housing Connect manages assessments for transfers between properties, you should contact your housing provider in the first instance because they may be able to assist you with an internal transfer. If this is not possible, then contact Housing Connect.

How Often Do I Have to Update My Details?

If any of your circumstances change, you need to update your housing application through Housing Connect. You can do this at any time but you will need to do it regularly (at least every six months).

Your application will be reviewed every six months to check all of your details are up to date and your circumstances show you still have a need for social housing. If you do not update your details every six months, your application will be cancelled.

Under What Circumstances Would My Application be Cancelled?

Your housing application may be cancelled if:

  • You have received private rent assistance and have secured an appropriate private rental property.
  • You do not respond to requests to update information or confirm your application for each six month review.
  • If a re-assessment takes place and as a result of change in your circumstances, you are no longer eligible for social housing.
  • If your circumstances have changed and you are no longer eligible at the time you are considered for an allocation to a property.

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