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Housing Connect - Your new way to connect to housing and support

Housing Connect: information for Housing Tasmania tenants

The basics

What is Housing Connect?

Housing Connect is the new one-stop shop for Tasmanians to access all their housing and support needs.

This new social housing and homelessness service system goes live for clients from 1 October 2013.

Housing Connect connects Tasmanians on low incomes and in crisis with housing and support where needed.

Why are things changing?

To provide you with a better way to get help with your housing and support needs.

Accessing services is easier with one assessment for everything from emergency accommodation to a long-term home.

You will spend less time filling out applications and attending interviews. And you'll receive a more coordinated response from housing providers.

Your circumstances

I'm a Housing Tasmania tenant.

There is no need for you to contact Housing Connect unless you want to apply for a transfer or need support with your current tenancy.

Housing Tasmania will continue to manage your current tenancy and you should contact them for all tenancy or maintenance issues. Housing Tasmania's contact details are not changing.

Housing Tasmania 1300 665 663.

I'm a Housing Tasmania tenant and want to transfer to another house or suburb.

Housing Tasmania manages your tenancy and therefore you must contact Housing Tasmania in the first instance if you want to apply for a transfer.  

You can do this by calling 1300 665 663.

After you have spoken to Housing Tasmania and they agree that you may have grounds to apply for a transfer, you will then need to undertake an assessment at a Housing Connect office.

After you have been assessed you will receive a letter from Housing Tasmania letting you know the outcome of your transfer request.

I'm a Housing Tasmania tenant and have a transfer application with Housing Tasmania.

If any of your circumstances change, and you need to update your application for transfer, you must do this at a Housing Connect office.

Housing Connect will send this information to Housing Tasmania. If your category changes, you will receive a letter from Housing Tasmania.


For more information contact Housing Connect on 1800 800 588 or email Housing Tasmania on housingconnect@dhhs.tas.gov.au