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A change has happened to social housing. It is called Better Housing Futures. It is improving how social housing is provided in Tasmania.

What is Better Housing Futures about?

Better Housing Futures gives tenants more choice

You are able to access more services.

You have new opportunities to own your own home.

Under Better Housing Futures social housing is managed by community housing organisations instead of Housing Tasmania. Your Housing Tasmania lease has not changed. But a community housing organisation now manages your tenancy for Housing Tasmania.

If you like what the community housing organisation offers, you can choose to sign a lease with them and stay in the same house. 

Same house. New landlord.

What has changed under Better Housing Futures?

A community housing organisation manages your current lease instead of Housing Tasmania.

The way your rent is calculated has not changed.

But the people you pay your rent to has changed. If you have not already done so, you should contact your community housing organisation and make arrangements to pay your rent directly to them instead of Housing Tasmania.

If you live in a Better Housing Futures suburb, a community housing organisation has set up an office in your area. It is easier for you to visit your new tenancy manager to get housing support and services.

Your community housing organisation can give you information about the services they can offer.

Your lease and tenancy conditions have not changed if you have a lease with Housing Tasmania. If you like your community housing organisation then you can choose to change landlords at any time.

Better Housing Futures information for Housing Tasmania tenants Word document

Better Housing Futures information for Housing Tasmania tenants PDF document 

What is a community housing organisation?

It is a non-government organisation that manages housing for people on low to moderate incomes. There are many community housing organisations working in Tasmania.

Community housing property transfers Word document 

Community housing property transfers PDF document 

Why is it better housing?

Community housing organisations can provide better housing because they have more ways of funding their housing services.

Community housing organisations can bring private financing into the properties they manage. This allows tenants to benefit from better services.

With a new community housing organisation managing homes in your area, you will get a new approach and new services. That includes more home maintenance.

What if I have questions about how Better Housing Futures affects me?

If you have questions about how Better Housing Futures affects you, contact your community housing organisation directly. You can find their contact details by clicking on one of the links below. 

Information for current Housing Tasmania tenants living in these suburbs:

Tenants in Ravenswood, Waverley, Rocherlea, Mayfield or MowbrayTenants in Clarendon Vale or Rokeby

Tenants in Bridgewater, Gagebrook or Herdsmans CoveTenants in Somerset, Shorewell Park, Acton, West Ulverstone, East Devonport or Latrobe

You can also contact Housing Tasmania