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Tasmanian Opioid Pharmacotherapy Program - Dosing Sheets for Community Pharmacies, July 2016

The Alcohol and Drug Service in conjunction with the Pharmaceutical Service Branch have undertaken an analysis of the overall management of the dosing sheets completed by community pharmacies who participate in the Opioid Pharmacotherapy Program.

It has been identified that there is scope to improve the dosing data recording in order to provide a more accurate and timely recording process.  New standardised dosing sheets for recording individual client opioid pharmacotherapy doses have now been developed.  The new forms are now available in three different formats and can be downloaded below:

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Dosing Forms

The following dosing forms can be printed as a blank form and then completed manually.  When completing the dosing sheets manually, please ensure all details are written clearly so they are legible and easy to read.  If an error is made when completing the dosing sheets, simply rule a line through the incorrect text and clearly re-write the correct details.

Alternatively certain areas of the dosing sheets can be completed electronically prior to printing.

Submitting forms

***UPDATED FAX AND EMAIL (Nov 2019)*** 

Forms can be submitted via Email or Fax to the Pharmaceutical Services Branch

Monthly Summary Report

Medication Administration Charts (revised July 2016)

Buprenorphone/Naloxone (Suboxone Film)
Buprenorphone (SUBUTEX TABLET)
Methadone Syrup (5mg/ml)
Methadone Liquid (5mg/ml)


If you have any queries in relation to the submission of dosing forms, please contacts Pharmaceutical Services Branch on telephone (03) 6166 0400 or email

Queries in relation to the Tasmanian Opioid Pharmacotherapy Program Policy, incentive payment issues or suggested changes to the forms can be directed to the Alcohol and Drug Service by email to