3. National Context

Mental health policy, planning and service delivery in Tasmania has been shaped and aligned to a range of frameworks and instruments including but not limited to the National Mental Health Strategy and subsequent national mental health plans. These include the 4th National Mental Health Plan. It should be noted that a fifth national mental health plan is currently being developed. Other instruments and plans include the National Standards for Mental Health Services 2010, National Safety Priorities in Mental Health: a national plan for reducing harm 2005, the National Mental Health Consumer and Carer Forum,the National Framework for Recovery-oriented Mental Health Services 2013 and the Mental Health Statement of Rights 2012 which seeks to ensure that consumers, carers, support people, service providers and the community are aware of relevant rights and responsibilities and can be confident in exercising them.

During 2014 the National Mental Health Commission conducted a review of mental health services and programs across government, private and non-government sectors to assess efficiency and effectiveness in supporting people experiencing mental ill-health and their families to lead contributing lives, and engage in the community. The findings of the review will inform the development of the fifth national mental health plan.