Providing feedback to Mental Health Services

We welcome your feedback

Download printable version: We welcome your feedback - guide to making a suggestion, compliment or complaint

Have an idea or suggestion, happy with our service or not happy with our service?

Have your say

We welcome your feedback about Mental Health Services, Alcohol and Drug Services and Forensic Health Services in Tasmania.

This page lets you know how you can provide feedback about your care, or someone your care for, including making a complaint.

1.  Please talk with a staff member at the service you attend. They will assist you.

We welcome a family member or support person to discuss on your behalf.

2. Ask for a feedback form to provide written feedback, or print the feedback form.

You can give the completed form to staff or send to the Tasmanian Health Service consumer liaison team.

3. You can phone the Tasmanian Health Service consumer liaison team, based in each region of Tasmania.

Alcohol and Drug Services and Forensic Health Services clients please contact the team in the South.

South1800 811
North1800 008
North West1800 062

Your voice

We want to hear from you if you, a family member or someone you are a carer for wants to give feedback about our services.

If you make a complaint, you can be assured that;

  • it will be handled sensitively and confidentially
  • it will not affect the quality of your ongoing care
  • special needs and circumstances will be taken into account
  • you will be informed about the progress and outcome of your complaint.

How do I make a complaint?

  1. Talk with a member of our team. They may be able to resolve your concern or can record your complaint and what you would like to happen.
  2. Fill in a feedback form. You can ask a staff member to assist you to fill in the form.
  3. Contact the consumer liaison team in your region during business hours by email or phone.

Would you like a response?

Please provide your contact details if you would like a response.

Ensure you provide a current phone number, email and/or mailing address.

Thank you. Your feedback will help us improve our service.

What happens next?

If you have asked for a response, your feedback will be acknowledged.

We will contact you with details of our process, who you can contact if you wish to discuss further and when you should hear further from us regarding your feedback or complaint.

Senior team members will look into all complaints, and you may be contacted by consumer liaison for more details.

If you need further assistance you may wish to contact:

  • Advocacy Tasmania - Support for you to have your say and ensure your rights are protected.
    Freecall 1800 005 131 or go to
  • Official Visitors Program - If you have a query or concern about Mental Health inpatient services you can contact the Official Visitors Program.
    Freecall 1800 001 170 or go to
  • Health Complaints Commissioner -  If you are not satisfied with a response to a complaint about a health service in Tasmania you can raise your concerns with the Health Complaints Commissioner who is also the State Ombudsman.
    Freecall 1800 001 170 or go to

Providing positive feedback or suggestions

You can also help us to continue to improve our service by letting us know if we have done something well or if you have a suggestion or idea. You can use the feedback form, or contact the consumer liaison team in your region.