Operational Service Models

A number of Operational Service Models have been developed to support the implementation of the mental health reform program. These documents describe new and revised services to be implemented as part of reforms in Southern Tasmania.

The development of the Operational Service Models has been completed in consultation with people living with mental illness, their carers, family and friends, community support organisations, and clinicians.

The following Operational Service Models (OSMs) have been released for broad stakeholder consultation on 4 November 2020:

Redefining Mental Health Services

The first of the Operational Service Models developed as part of the Mental Health Reform Program provide details of how we are redefining mental health services in southern Tasmania into two Care Streams, the Acute Care Stream and the Continuing Care Stream.

As a brief overview, the Acute Care Stream will:

  • support individuals experiencing moderate to severe mental health symptoms or suicidal distress who have not had any prior or recent contact with mental health services,
  • or support individuals who are likely to be in need of this intensity of service for short periods of time who are assessed as not suitable for treatment in the Continuing Care Stream.

Complementary to the Acute Care Stream, the Continuing Care Stream will:

  • predominantly support people who require less intense and more long term support
  • provide specialist long-term treatment and engage in shared care arrangements
  • escalate care when required, facilitating access to appropriate care and support.

Two new specialist services for people with complex needs will sit across both  the Acute Care Stream and Continuing Care Stream.

The Compass Service will be aimed at providing services for people living with Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (CPTSD) and Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). It is designed to deliver a range of specialist consultative, therapeutic and capacity building services, across a variety of health care settings.

The Tasmanian Mental Health and Intellectual Disability Service will provide a specialist short term assessment and advisory service that aims to improve the clinical outcomes for people with intellectual disability and mental health conditions.