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Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service Review Report

The final report of the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) review and the Government Response to the review has been publicly released by the Minister for Mental Health and Wellbeing, Hon Jeremy Rockliff on Tuesday 10 November at 1.00pm.

The review of CAMHS was progressed as part of the broader Tasmanian Mental Health Reform Program. The objective of the CAMHS review is to ‘enable an integrated pathway for children and adolescents and their families and carers to navigate the mental health system.’
The review was undertaken by an independent consultant, Professor Brett McDermott who has extensive experience in child and adolescent psychiatry and in the design and implementation of contemporary CAMHS service models in other jurisdictions.

The Mental Health Reform Program

The Tasmanian Mental Health Reform Program commenced in August 2019 with the key task of implementing the recommendations from the Mental Health Integration Taskforce as endorsed by the Tasmanian Government.

The core goal of the Reform Program is to lead transformation in Tasmania that means people who live with mental health issues, in suicidal distress or with alcohol and drug problems have access to world class systems of care.

The work of the Taskforce, and the associated Reform Program, builds on the broad co-design work relating to the Tasmanian Government’s Rethink Mental Health Plan. Specifically the reform direction 4: an integrated Tasmanian Mental Health System, and direction 5: shifting the focus from hospital based care to support in the community.

To read or download the Mental Health Integrated Taskforce Report and the Tasmanian Government Response go to:

The Reform Program aims to implement an integrated mental health system, including Hospital Avoidance Program (HAP), Integration Hubs and Integrated Suicide Response, which is inclusive of people with complex needs. We are working toward a Mental Health System in our state that is better resourced and provides improved social and clinical support to people who experience mental ill-health, their families and friends, and the broader Tasmanian Community.

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News Highlights

The Reform Implementation Team has been established with Chris Fox as the Group Director and joining him is Kristy Arrold as the Acute Care Stream Implementation Lead and Rob Harris as the Continuing Care Stream Implementation Lead.

To read more about the latest news from the Reform Program see the TMHRP Letter to Stakeholders

The review of the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services has been completed and the Review Report and Government Response were released on 10 November 2020. For full details go to:

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Program Actions

The Mental Health Integrated Taskforce Report made 21 Recommendations that are being implemented through a number of key program actions. To find out more details go to Program Actions.

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