Rethink Mental Health Project - Supporting Documentation

Rethink 2020

Rethink 2020 is Tasmania’s mental health plan, representing a shared approach to improving mental health outcomes for all Tasmanians.

It evolves and strengthens the State Government’s initial Rethink plan, released in 2015, to keep pace with mental health reforms happening on a national and state level.

Rethink Mental Health Project - review report - stakeholder feedback

The Review Report is a summary of the information provided during the consultation process by individual consumers, families and carers, health professionals, GPs, service providers, including private practitioners, community-based public mental health teams and community sector organisations.

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Discussion Paper

A Discussion paper was prepared and used as part of the consultation process, to start the discussion about our mental health service system, what it looks like now, what it should look like into the future and what should be in our a long term plan for mental health in Tasmania.

Download a copy of the Discussion Paper here.

If you would like a hard copy of the discussion paper, please call 03 6166 0770.

Literature Review

A Literature Review of relevant local, national and international mental health policy and related research has been completed to inform the development of a long-term plan for mental health in Tasmania.

Please note this is a Literature Review document only; it is not the long-term plan for mental health.  The long-term plan for mental health in Tasmania is currently being developed through the Rethink Mental Health Project.

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