Consultation scope and method

Consultation is a key component of the Rethink Mental Health Project. To facilitate the feedback process, a range of options have been available for stakeholders to participate and have their say. This has included stakeholder consultation forums, an online feedback form, feedback via phone, email or in writing and submissions in response to the discussion paper.

As part of the stakeholder consultation process pre-determined questions were developed to enable consistency of themes across all stakeholders and in alignment with the discussion paper and online survey.

The consultation period commenced on 10 October 2014 and closed on 28 February 2015; however targeted consultation continued in March 2015. A small number of submissions from individual consumers and family members/carers and individual clinicians were received after this time. This feedback has been included in this report.

38 stakeholder consultation forums were held around the state and with varying stakeholder groups including consumers, carers/families, clinicians, community sector organisations and specific population groups.

100 responses were received through the online feedback form; a small number of verbal submissions and written submissions were received from individual consumers and carers and 18 submissions were received from organisations.

A process was also undertaken to receive specific feedback from consumers who at the time of the consultations were receiving mental health inpatient or community care through clinical mental health services. This included consultation sessions for consumers in inpatient units across the state conducted by the Senior Consumer and Carer Liaison Consultant and the opportunity for consumers to complete a feedback form which had been designed in consultation with consumers and Flourish - Mental Health Action in our Hands (Flourish).

The consultation process was led by the Mental Health Council of Tasmania (the Council) and the Mental Health, Alcohol and Drug Directorate (the Directorate). An independent facilitator, 3P & Associates, undertook the majority of stakeholder consultations with support from the Council, the Directorate and other key stakeholder organisations. The Council and the Directorate also conducted stakeholder consultations.

All information provided through stakeholder consultation forums, the online feedback form, via phone, email or in writing and submissions in response to the discussion paper was brought together and analysed to identify key themes.

Further detail about the consultation process is provided in Attachment A.