LIFE Awards

Tasmanian LIFE Awards 2013

The Tasmanian LIFE Awards recognise life affirming work in suicide prevention.  This includes a broad range of activities, such as general community education and promotion, resilience building, programs for groups at risk, suicide prevention education and training, support for individuals at risk and post-suicide support.

These awards are based on the Australian LIFE Awards, which recognise that suicide prevention requires a whole of government / whole of community responsibility and are designed to recognise the great work being done in Tasmania in suicide prevention.

In 2013, the Awards are being run by the Tasmanian Suicide Prevention Network. The awards are judged in three categories.

The Red Herring Surf Communities in Action for Suicide Prevention Life Award

Communities are about people. People connected by a shared interest, vision, location, or belief. The Red Herring Surf Communities in Action for Suicide Prevention Award recognises the critical role that communities play in identifying and taking action in suicide prevention. This action may involved collective lobbying for a change at a government or corporate level, or direct action on the ground through suicide prevention programs and service provision. It may involved collaborative research efforts or the delivery of suicide prevention training.

This award acknowledges that communities working together are at the heart of any suicide prevention strategy.

Are you part of, or do you know a community that is working to prevent and/or reduce the impact of suicide? Then nominate them for the Red Herring Surf Communities in Action for Suicide Prevention Life Award. 

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The Tasplan Outstanding Contribution Life Award

The people who work to help reduce the rate and impact of suicide in Tasmania have tremendous heart, along with skills and experience. Whether they are volunteers or working in paid positions, it is through their efforts, insight and initiative that our communities become stronger and more resilient. They are the ones that work tirelessly to make sure that those who are thinking that life is not worth living are given the right tools at the right time to get them back on track. They support those individuals and communities who are bereaved and have more questions than answers, and stand up for better services and supports in suicide prevention, intervention and postvention.

This award acknowledges the important contribution of Tasmanians who often understimate the value of the work that they do.

Do you know someone who truly makes a difference to the lives of people and communities impacted by suicide?

Then nominate them for the TASPLAN Outstanding Contribution Life Award.


The Working it Out LGBTI Life Award

This award recognises the work of a mainstream mental health organisation to ensure that lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) people with mental health issues are able to properly access their services.

Same-sex attaction, gender dysphoria and intersex conditions are not themselves risk factors for mental illness, but they make people vulnerable to negative experiences and discrimination. These issues are exacerbated when LGBTI people accessing mental health services have negative expereinces arising from actual or perceived institutional discrimination or from lack of resources and understanding of LGBTI specific issues in the mental health sector.

Are you, or are you aware of, a mainstream mental health service or organisation that welcomes LGBTI people, that is working to build the diversity competencies of staff and volunteers and that has policies and prcedures that are inclusive of LGBTI people? Then nominate them for the Working It Out LGBTI Life Award. 


Judging is completed by a panel of three independent judges assessing each nomination against the following criteria:

  • In what ways has the individual, group or organisation contributed to the promotion of LIFE and the prevention of suicide?
  • What has been the effect of this contribution?
  • How has this contribution been measured?

In addition, the Working it Out LGBTI LiFE Award will be assessed against the following criteria:

  • In what ways are LGBTI people with mental health issues welcome at the nominated mental health service?
  • Does the mental health service have a professional learning plan to develop cultural senstivity for all staff?
  • How are LGBTI people included in the mental health services organisational policy?
  • How does the service show an understanding of LGBTI specific issues in the mental health sector?

Award Presentation 

The LIFE Awards will be presented at 11.35am on Friday, 17 May 2013 at the Tasmanian Suicide Prevention Community Network Annual Suicide Prevention Forum.