If you are 15-19 years old you can receive a free Meningococcal W vaccination.  It only takes a few minutes and may save your life!

Meningococcal W can cause death in 1 in 10 cases and older teenagers are more likely to carry and transmit it. All Tasmanians aged 15-19 years are eligible for a FREE Meningococcal W vaccination until 30 April 2018.
Here are the simple steps you need to take:

If you’re a High School or College student aged 15-19:

  1. Complete a vaccination consent form
    Get a consent form from your school. Pester the school office, they should be able to help. Or you can print a consent form here.
  2. Take the form back to school and lodge it
    Don't leave it in your bag or pocket - hand it in! If you're not sure who to give it to, pester the school office (again).
  3. Get your vaccination appointment
    Your school will let you know when the Meningococcal W vaccines are being done. Put an alert reminder in your phone or diary.
  4. Turn up and get vaccinated
    When its time, turn up and get vaccinated.
    Relax - potential life threatening situation averted. Job done!

If you're 15-19 and not at High School or College:

Visit your doctor or go to your local council immunisation clinic. Click here for the list of immunisation clinic locations and their vaccination
dates and times.

Go to www.dhhs.tas.gov.au/menwinfo for more info about Meningococcal W and the immunisation. It only takes a few minutes and may save your life.

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It only takes a few minutes and may save your life!