Dental Services for Adults

Who is eligible?

To be eligible you must have a Health Care Card or Pensioner Concession Card
What services are available?

  • Priority Care: Treatment for urgent dental needs
  • General Care: Routine treatment which includes check-ups, fillings, extractions and other dental services
  • Denture Services: Provision of full and partial dentures and other related services

Oral Health Services Tasmania also has a General Dental Care Program which provides eligible clients with access to general dental care in their region through a private provider.

How do I make an appointment?

Contact your local dental centre. When you call you will talk to a Customer Service Officer who will ask you a series of questions to determine how urgently you need to see a dentist. This process is called "triaging" and is necessary so that those people most in need of care will receive appointments.

What if I have an urgent dental problem?

If you are triaged as having priority dental needs you will be offered an appointment date and time.

Will I be placed on a waiting list?

If you are triaged with non-urgent needs you may be placed on a waiting list.

How much will I have to pay?

All adults are required to pay a co-payment (contribution) towards the cost of their dental care.

Our staff will discuss co-payments with you before treatment is provided.

How can I pay my account?

How to Pay Information