Equipment and Resources


Practical aids and equipment are sometimes needed so that a person can maintain independence, or in order for a person to be cared for safely and comfortably at home.

Members of the healthcare team can advise people on what might be useful. For example: physiotherapists can advise about aids for moving around; occupational therapists provide assistance with aids and home improvements to make activities of daily living easier etc.

The equipment recommended can be obtained from a number of sources, including TasEquip, please see their brochure for more information about fees etc.

Contact details for TasEquip

Region Contact Details
Hobart Repat Centre, 90 Davey Street, Hobart.
Ph: (03) 6166 7393
Launceston 3/213 Wellington Street, Launceston.
Ph: (03) 6336 5036
Latrobe Mersey Community Hospital,
Moriarty Rd, Latrobe.
Ph: (03) 6426 2429
TasEquip Equipment Library Repat Centre, 90 Davey Street, Hobart
(Education Facilities only).
Ph: (03) 6166 2707


Additional publications and useful links are also available to assist individuals in managing care and accessing relevant information.  Click on the following links to access this information: