Bereavement Support

Grief and loss, although painful, are a very normal part of being human; however people suffering grief and loss can sometimes encounter difficulties.

Bereavement support can be provided to the family and others who have a close relationship with the palliative care client registered with the Palliative Care Service.

Bereavement Support includes:

  • Individual support and counselling;
  • Family support and counselling;
  • Group work;
  • Access to written information about the impact of grief and bereavement;
  • Memorial services; and
  • Referral to other support services.

Need more information?

If you would like more information on bereavement support please contact your closest care team. Click on this link for contact information for your closest care team.

Alternatively, you can contact a social worker at your local Community Health Centre. 

For further links please click on this link.