The Tasmanian Palliative Care Community Charter

A shared commitment to compassionate and quality palliative care

Palliative care an improve the quality of life for people facing life-limiting illness. It aims to help the person to live as well as possible and to provide care that addresses the physical, emotional, social, cultural and spiritual needs of the person, their families and carers.

The Charter is an agreement between the Tasmanian community and service providers.

The Tasmanian Palliative Care Community Charter is the result of extensive consultations with Tasmanian service providers and community members, including Tasmanian Aboriginals and people from a range of cultures and social groups. The following principles reflect the voices of Tasmanians about what matters most to them.

The Charter is built on a Compassionate Communities approach, which recognises that palliative care is an important, shared responsibility for all Tasmanians. At the end of life, we all need to know that services and resources are available to us, our carers and other people who are important to us.

The Charter demonstrates our shared commitment to advocate for compassionate and quality palliative care.

The Tasmanian community and service providers are committed to the following principles:

Relief from Pain and Other Causes of Distress

Respect, Dignity and Person-Centred Care

Good Communication

Coordination of Care

Place of Care and Place of Death

Fair Access to Care

Help with Planning End-of-Life Care

Support for People Important to Us

Support for the Unique Needs of Children, Young People and our Families

Support for Aboriginal People in Tasmania

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