Compassionate Communities: A Tasmanian Palliative Care Policy Framework - At a Glance

Our Vision for Palliative Care

The Tasmanian Government's vision is a compassionate community that works together to ensure all Tasmanians have access to high quality, coordinated, respectful and responsive care that is person-focused and supports families and carers.

Compassionate Communities provides a framework that describes how we will achieve our vision for palliative care. It will help people, their families and carers, and the palliative care sector understand our priorities for reform that will be the focus of our work over the next four years.

By working together as a 'compassionate community' we will share the responsibility of caring for those with palliative care needs in our community.

Our Priorities for Action

  • Providing inclusive palliative care that is community and person focused.
  • Strengthening our communities for care.
  • Enhancing end of life care and supporting Tasmanians to live well at end of life.
  • Delivering contemporary, accountable and sustainable specialist palliative care services.
  • Enhancing bereavement care.
  • Providing leadership, coordination, monitoring and evaluation in partnership with key sector representatives.
  • These priorities have been informed by comprehensive research and input from consumers, families, health and community service providers from across the state.

Tasmanian Palliative Care Policy Framework - At a Glance - A3 Poster