Compassionate Communities: A Tasmanian Palliative Care Policy Framework 2017 - 2021

Tasmanian Palliative Care Policy Framework - Printable Version


Thank you to the consumers, families and carers who have shared their experiences and views, and whose wisdom and advice has been key to the development of Compassionate Communities: A Tasmanian Palliative Care Policy Framework 2017 - 2021. We recognise and value the voice of people with lived experience of end of life care and palliative care in Tasmania.

Thanks also to the many organisations, service providers, community groups and members of the Tasmanian community who shared their knowledge, expertise and vision for the future and helped to shape this Policy Framework.

We would also like to acknowledge the work and important contributions of the members of the Partners in Palliative Care Reference Group who continue to provide leadership and advocacy for palliative care in Tasmania.

Compassionate Communities was developed with funding from the Australian Government. It is an initiative of the Better Access to Palliative Care (BAPC) Program, which has been working within the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) to improve access to community-based palliative care for people in Tasmania.

Message from the Minister for Health

The Policy Framework at a Glance

Our Priorities for Action

Palliative Care in Focus

Why We Need a Different Approach

A New Direction for Palliative Care

Our Principles

Implementing Compassionate Communities and Measuring Success

Glossary of Key Terms