Unregistered Medical Cannabis Products Access Flowchart - For Health Professionals

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Step 1: General Practitioner (GP) Consultation

GP has a consultation with a patient and assesses the clinical circumstances. If the GP believes an unregistered medical cannabis product is indicated based on a risk/benefit assessment, referral to a relevant specialist medical practitioner in the relevant field of medicine
is required.

Step 2: Relevant Specialist Medical Practitioner Consultation

Specialist in relevant field of medicine consults with the patient. Specialist considers specific clinical circumstances. The specialist should consider:

  • Do I have the appropriate expertise/qualifications?
  • Review evidence for potential unregistered medical cannabis products in the context of the patient’s condition.
  • Is the risk/benefit assessment of the evidence for safety, quality and efficacy of an unregistered medical cannabis product in this patient favourable?
  • Is an unregistered medical cannabis product appropriate for my patient?

Step 3: Relevant Specialist Medical Practitioner Considers

Relevant specialist medical practitioner considers an unregistered medical cannabis product is safe and appropriate for the patient.

Step 4: Relevant Specialist Medical Practitioner makes Application  to the Secretary of the Tasmanian Department of Health (DoH)

Application or notification to the Therapeutic Goods Administration* and/or the Office of Drug Control is required in parallel.

Step 5: Application reviewed by a delegate of the Secretary of DoH under the Poisons Act 1971

Applications for authority to prescribe unregistered medical cannabis products will be reviewed in accordance with the usual pathways for Schedule 8 substances under Section 59E of the Act or for Schedule 4 cannabidiol under Regulation 87 of the Poisons Regulations 2018. These pathways have been in place in Tasmania
for many years.

Step 6: Delegate issues authority to prescribe to relevant Specialist Medical Practitioner

An authority may be subject to certain conditions, including clinical monitoring and reporting requirements, dependent on the application specifics consistent with evidence based medicine principles to ensure public and patient safety.

Step 7: Relevant Specialist Medical Practitioner prescribes

Relevant Specialist Medical Practitioner prescribes for patient in accordance with their authority and the unregistered medical cannabis product is dispensed by a Tasmanian Health Service (THS) Hospital Pharmacy.

*Unregistered medical cannabis products require all usual Commonwealth exemptions, authorisations or approvals in addition to a Tasmanian authority being issued.