Public Health Act and Associated Guidelines

Public Health Act and Associated Guidelines

Guidelines for Notifying Diseases and Food Contamination fact sheets


Notifiable Diseases

Changes to the Public Health Act

Public Health Amendment (Healthy Tasmania) Act 2017

In 2017, State Parliament passed an Act to make changes to the Public Health Act 1997.

The changes, which began on 29 November 2017, introduce new laws to regulate personal vaporiser products (e-cigarettes), increase penalties for supplying tobacco products or personal vaporiser products to a child, introduce ‘fit and proper’ checks for licence applicants, and include reporting requirements for licence holders.

As a result, guidelines relating to the sale of tobacco products were revoked and replaced with guidelines for the sale of both tobacco products and personal vaporiser products. The new guidelines appear above.

Fact sheets on the new laws and an updated retailer guide can be found on our tobacco control laws page

Public Health (Miscellaneous Amendments) Act 2015

In 2015, State Parliament passed an Act to amend the Public Health Act 1997, make minor amendments to the Corrections Act 1997 and to repeal the HIV/AIDS Preventive Measures Act 1993.

The changes began on 1 July 2015 and relate to public health emergencies, notifiable diseases and contaminants management, smoke-free areas, safe drinking water management, the Cervical Screening Register and the Needle and Syringe Program.

The following fact sheets relate to the changes:

For more information call the Public Health Hotline - Tasmania on 1800 671 738.