Family Pantry Basics

Family Pantry Basics

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Foods to have in fridge, freezer and cupboard

It is a good idea to have basic food items in the cupboard, fridge and freezer to use. You can make a simple meal or snack for you and your children with any fresh ingredients you have.

Foods to have

Grain (cereal) foods
  • pasta, rice and noodles
  • bread (choose wholegrain)
  • flour to make foods like pikelets or scones
  • dry biscuits and crackers (choose wholegrain)
  • soft wraps
  • rolled oats and breakfast cereal.
Meat and alternatives
  • canned fish (tuna and salmon)
  • canned or dried beans and legumes for example chickpeas, baked beans and kidney beans.
  • nuts pastes (if sending nut containing food to school or care check your services allergy aware policy)
  • eggs
  • frozen minced meat
  • frozen fish.
  • canned fruit in natural juice
  • frozen fruit like berries
  • dried fruit.
  • canned peas, corn, tomatoes
  • frozen peas, corn and mixed vegetables
  • baked beans
  • potatoes, carrots, onions.
Dairy foods
  • long life UHT milk
  • milk powder
  • yoghurt
  • cheese.

Simple food ideas

  • tuna and pasta in a white sauce with peas and corn
  • tomato pasta sauce on pasta
  • microwaved jacket potato with baked beans and cheese
  • noodles with eggs and mixed vegetables
  • toasted sandwich
  • scrambled eggs, omelette or frittata
  • potato and tuna fritters
  • vegetable soup
  • canned fruit and yoghurt
  • bowl of cereal and milk
  • pikelets and fruit
  • soft taco bean and salad wraps.

Want to find out more

Ask your child health nurse.