Healthcare associated infection surveillance

Healthcare associated infection surveillance

Our surveillance program focuses on infections that occur most often in healthcare settings and those that pose the greatest risk to patients. Other processes are monitored because they are important indicators of a range of infection prevention and control measures.

Accurate and reliable data is used to monitor and improve the quality and safety of patient care. It provides an objective measure of standard of infection control practices in hospitals.

To undertake this surveillance, we use information from microbiology laboratories, patient information systems and hospital infection control staff throughout Tasmania. Wherever possible, nationally agreed definitions are used to determine rates. In addition, surveillance data is validated before publication.

We have published several surveillance protocols to ensure systematic data collection and analysis. 

Surveillance protocols

Staphylococcus aureus bacteraemia surveillance

Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus surveillance

Clostridium difficile infection surveillance

Vancomycin resistant enterococcus surveillance

Antimicrobial utilisation surveillance

Hand hygiene compliance auditing uses the Hand Hygiene Australia methodology outlined at Hand Hygiene Australia 


We publish quarterly Tasmanian public hospital healthcare associated infection surveillance reports, including an annual report at the end of each financial year.


Report No 20 - December 2013

Report No 19 - November 2013

Report No 17 - March 2013

Report No 16 - February 2013


Report No 15 - December 2012

Annual Report No 14- September 2012

Report No 13 - June 2012

Report No 12 - March 2012

Report No 11 - January 2012



Annual Report - October 2011

Report No 9 - July 2011

Report No 8 - March 2011


Report No 7 - November 2010

Report No 6 - August 2010

Report No 5 - June 2010

Report No 4 - March 2010


Report No 3 - December 2009 

Report No 2 - November 2009 

Report No 1 - March 2009 

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