Tobacco Action

Tobacco Action

Tobacco policy in Tasmania is guided by the Tasmanian Tobacco Action Plan 2011-2015

The goal of the plan is to significantly improve the health of Tasmanians by reducing the harm caused by tobacco in all its forms by:

  1. preventing uptake of smoking
  2. encouraging and assisting as many people who smoke to quit as soon as possible
  3. eliminating harmful exposure to tobacco smoke among non-smokers
  4. reducing harm associated with continuing use and dependence on tobacco and nicotine
  5. reducing prevalence of smoking in Tasmania to 10 per cent by 2020.

Read our Tobacco Action Plan Year 1 Report (July 2011)

Read our Tobacco Action Plan Year 2 Report (July 2012) 

Read our Tobacco Action Plan Year 3 Report (with attachment) (September 2013) 

Read our Tobacco Action Plan Year 4 Report (October 2014)

Communication with tobacco companies

Tobacco companies do not contribute to the development or implementation of tobacco control policy in Tasmania.

We recognise the importance of protecting the development of public health policy and tobacco legislation from the interests of tobacco companies. As such it is our practice to only communicate with tobacco companies in their capacity as a tobacco licence holder or with respect to existing tobacco legislation.