Smoke-free tour of Tasmania

Smoke-free tour of Tasmania

Tasmania has some of the toughest smoke-free area laws in the country. You cannot smoke in many public areas where people, especially children, gather.

Smoke-free areas help protect us from harmful second-hand smoke. They are also important in reducing the number of young people who take up the habit.

We ask that you respect these smoke-free areas and the people around you.

Click on the icons below to find out where you can enjoy smoke-free areas.


Smoke-free public events

Public events

All mass attendance outdoor events.


Smoke-free pools and beaches

Patrolled beaches,
Public swimming pools


Smoke-free buildings

Public buildings and workplaces


Smoke-free dining

Outdoor dining areas


Smoke-free bus malls and shelters

Bus malls and shelters


Smoke-free malls

Pedestrian malls


Smoke-free cars with children

In cars with children


Smoke-free sportsgrounds

Outdoor sportsgrounds


Smoke-free playgrounds

Children's playgrounds


Additional areas may be made smoke-free voluntarily by their occupiers.

The Director of Public Health may also declare some temporary public events smoke-free.  

Want more information?

Brochure: Smoke-Free Areas in Tasmania

Poster: Smoke-Free Areas in Tasmania

Resources and signage

 Call the Public Health Hotline - Tasmania on 1800 671 738

January 2016