Smoke-free sportsgrounds

Smoke-free sportsgrounds

Do not smoke within 20 metres of competition, seating or marshalling areas at outdoor sportsgrounds while a sporting event is being conducted.

This includes all sporting events, irrespective of the type of ground. It includes the period 30 minutes before and after the sporting event.

It does not include informal or impromptu sporting activities. 


Many individual sport stadia in Tasmania have implemented smoking bans and restrictions of their own accord. Aurora Stadium in Launceston and Blundstone Arena in Hobart already have designated smoking areas which comply with the new laws.

Restricting smoking at all outdoor sportsgrounds will bring consistency across Tasmania. It also expands on previous smoke-free areas in any area of an outdoor sporting or cultural venue that provides reserved seating.

Queensland banned smoking in major sporting complexes. New South Wales, South Australia, Victoria, Australian Capital Territory and Western Australia have banned smoking in enclosed public areas which may apply to particular areas in outdoor sport stadiums. 


Generic sign: 'No smoking within 20 metres'

Golf course sign: 'No smoking within 20 metres of tees, fairways or greens' 

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January 2016