Water quality audits

Water quality audits

The Tasmanian Drinking Water Quality Guidelines require TasWater to prepare, implement and review their Drinking Water Quality Management Plans to ensure the protection of public health through safe drinking water.

Furthermore there is a requirement to have these externally audited by a water quality auditor approved by the Director of Public Health.

The results of these audits are submitted to Public Health Services, which works with TasWater to ensure corrective and preventative actions are undertaken.

The roles and responsibilities of TasWater, water quality auditors and Public Health Services are defined in the guidance note

Only water quality auditors approved by the Director of Public Health can undertake audits.

Water quality auditors need to make an application to Public Health Services using the approved form

This form should be accompanied by a conflict of interest declaration and the prescribed fee.

The Director of Public Health will assess the application and advise of the outcome, which may include restriction on the approval.

Once approval is granted, the auditor's details will be provided to TasWater, which is then responsible for commercially engaging an approved auditor to undertake their audits.

Call the state water officer on 1800 671 738 for more information or get a copy of the list of approved auditors

December 2019